Student Advocacy Center

The Student Advocacy Center of Michigan has been a voice for students since 1975. SAC works to assist our most vulnerable students stay in school, realize their rights to a quality public education, and experience success. Our services include education advocacy and support, education mentoring (Check and Connect), youth voice, and family support. We believe all students deserve a quality public education and that educators deserve the resources, respect and support to make that happen.

Association for Children’s Mental Health

The Association for Children's Mental Health (ACMH) is a statewide, non-profit family organization dedicated to meeting the needs of families of children and youth with serious emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges. ACMH provides the following services to families and community partners across Michigan: Parent-to-Parent Support; Education, Networking & Leadership Opportunities including an annual Conference; Regional Training, Leadership Camp and other Special Events; Information Dissemination, Referral, Outreach and Systems Advocacy; Family Support Groups, Assistance & Advocacy; Youth Involvement & Leadership Opportunities.

Michigan Protection & Advocacy Service, Inc.

Michigan Protection & Advocacy Service, Inc. (MPAS) is the independent, private, nonprofit organization designated by the governor of the State of Michigan to advocate and protect the legal rights of people with disabilities in Michigan. MPAS services include information and referral, short-term assistance, selected individual and legal representation, systemic advocacy, monitoring, and training.

Parent to Parent USA

Parent to Parent USA defines parent to parent support as the intentional connection between a trained volunteer Support Parent and a parent seeking information, resources, guidance, and support from an experienced parent. Parent to Parent programs facilitate parent "matches" and provide follow-up support to assure the matched relationship meets peer expectations.

Autism Society of Oakland County

The Autism Society of Oakland County (ASOC) is an advocacy organization that works to improve the lives of those impacted by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Oakland County, Michigan. ASOC mission is to advocate and support meaningful participation in all aspects of life for individuals with ASD and their families. One one of the support elements ASOC provides is the ASOC Online Community. The free community was created to provide a safe place for individuals withASD and their families to connect, share stories, support each other and build lasting friendships.

Circle of Food Allergic Families

Circle of Food Allergic Families (COFAF) is a volunteer parent-run support group that serves hundreds of families with children who suffer from food allergy and/or eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders. COFAF is based out of Oakland County but reaches hundreds of families from all over the greater-metropolitan Detroit area. COFAF support each other in many ways: parent meetings, family fun events, guest speakers, product discounts, newsletters, advocacy and so much more.