Asthma Network of West Michigan

The Asthma Network of West Michigan (ANWM) is the local asthma coalition serving West Michigan. ANWM provides two levels of service: 1) Home-based case management of children and adults with uncontrolled asthma or adults with COPD; and 2) Community education support for health care professionals and school personnel regarding managing asthma in under-served populations.

Residential Options, Inc

ROI has specialized in evidence-based practices and therapeutic intervention for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and related developmental disabilities. We have worked alongside families to provide real opportunities to individuals with developmental disabilities. See website for many services.

Navigating the Mental Health System

Community Living Services is offering training and education to parents and caregivers who want to become Parent Mentors/Family Support Specialists. The Parent Mentor/Family Support Specialist will assist parents and caregivers in bridging gaps within the mental health system.
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Michigan’s Aging & Disability Resource Collaboration

Michigan's Aging and Disability Resource Collaboration (ADRC) is the best place for family, friends, caregivers and providers to get information about long-term supports and services for older adults and persons with disabilities. Whether you are looking for services to stay in your home and live independently or options for assisted living and nursing home care, the ADRC program can help you learn about what is available for you in your community. Check out their website to search the statewide ADRC Database to find out more information.

Autism Collaborative Center

The Autism Collaborative Center (ACC) at Eastern Michigan University is a therapeutic learning environment designed from the ground up with your child's success in mind. ACC's staff is comprised of interdisciplinary professionals with specialized education and training in autism. ACC provides clients with a wide variety of therapeutic and behavioral services all under one roof, including sibling support.