Michigan Hearing & Vision Screening Program

Hearing Laughter. Seeing Smiles. Michigan provides hearing and vision screening FREE of charge to all children in collaboration with local departments of health and school districts. If your child is in school, the screenings begin in kindergarten. If your child is not enrolled in a formal school setting, they can receive the screening at your local health department.

Baby’s First Test Mobile App

The Baby's First Test mobile app serves as a quick reference guide for health professionals, state public health programs, families, and any other individuals or groups looking for the latest newborn screening information at their fingertips. The mobile app allows users to easily search for condition-specific information, including causes, treatment, and family experiences, as well as review newborn screening information in their state, including conditions found on each state's newborn screening panel. By saving users most common searches, the mobile app allows users to navigate and search with ease, giving busy professionals and families the right information at the right time without any of the hassle.

Riverwood Center

Riverwood Center has been delivering quality, personalized mental health services and programs since 1975. We provide a wide variety of caring and confidential services to children, families and adults with mental illnesses, intellectual/developmental disabilities and substance use disorders.

West Michigan Community Mental Health

West Michigan CMH is proud to offer valuable behavioral health services for adults, children, and families in the community.
Primarily, services are geared toward those who are experiencing any of the following:

Specific behavioral health challenges
Developmental disabilities
Substance use disorders


West Michigan CMH se enorgullece en ofrecer valiosos servicios de salud del comportamiento para adultos, niños y familias de nuestra comunidad. servicios van dirigidos principalmente a aquellas personas aquejadas por alguna de estas situaciones:

Retos específicos de salud del comportamiento
Discapacidades del desarrollo
Trastornos por uso de sustancias
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Center for Adolescent and Child Neurology

General Neurology
Evaluation of the following diagnosis:
Evaluation of seizures (Febrile and New-onset seizures)
Epilepsy diagnosis and treatment
Headaches and Migraines
Cerebral Palsy
Developmental delays, ADHD, Autism and learning disorders
Movement disorders
Tourette syndrome
Several staff member are bilingual - English/Spanish
Medicaid accepted

Evaluación de los siguientes diagnósticos:
Convulsiones (en estado febril/nuevo diagnostico)
jaquecas y migrañas
parálisis cerebral, TDAH, autismo y dificultades del aprendizaje
trastornos del movimiento
Sindrome de Tourette
Varios miembros del personal son bilingües- Español-Inglés
Se acepta medicaid

Michigan Biotrust for Health

The BioTrust is a program to oversee our state's stored blood spots and their use in health research. After newborn screening is performed at the state laboratory, any unused blood spots (including parts of blood spots) are stored indefinitely (forever) unless a parent or grown child (18 years or older) opts-out. Please explore this website to learn more!

Kid’s Health Questions and Answers: How do I get my child tested for Lead Poisoning?

If you're concerned that your child might be at risk for lead poisoning, talk with your doctor. It's important to get your child tested for lead poisoning, as many other illnesses can cause these same symptoms. Your doctor may recommend a blood test that will help to make (or rule out) a diagnosis of lead poisoning.

Judson Center

Offers a comprehensive array of individual & group services for children, teens and adults with ASD and their families. Also offers services in the areas of mental health, disability and child & family services including respite care and employment services for adults with disabilities.