A Poem For My Sister by Jacob Powers

This poem was written by Jacob when he was 10 years old. He wrote it in his little sister, Kaycie’s, voice, who happens to have Down syndrome. They are not just siblings, but best friends. He wrote the poem so others could understand the struggles she faces every day.

“My Life”

I have Down syndrome and I have a high profile. Don’t make fun of me, I’ll have it a while.

I know it’s weird but yes, I do like lime Don’t move the mountains, teach me to climb.

Attention is good for me and my friends. Oh I hate it, when friendship ends.

No, I don’t want to stay away I like to go outside to run and play

Yes, I have things to say. Try holding your tongue and talking all day.

That is how hard it is for me to say…. Will you be my friend?  Let’s go and play!

Jacob Powers