Care Coordination: Empowering Families

The Care Coordination: Empowering Families training was developed at the request of and with family stakeholders who reported being the only consistent managers of care for their children with special health care needs. The training is facilitated by a parent-professional team. The eight-hour, one-day training covers the following topics that are critical for caregivers:

  • Medical home and the parent’s role
  • Health partnerships
  • Communication and advocacy
  • The care coordination team
  • Planning for transition
  • Ways to organize/evaluate resources and information
  • Navigating insurance
  • Self-care and peer support

If you are interested in attending a training, please check our events page or contact a MI F2F Parent Coordinator to help find one near you.

If you are interested in partnering with MI F2F or hosting your own training, please contact Kristen Reese, Co-Project Director.


The training was developed with funds from the Health Resources Service Administration’s Region 4 Genetics Collaborative Project in 2013. For evaluation findings showing efficacy during the 2013 pilot period, please see the peer-reviewed published paper: Ufer, L.G., Moore, J.A., Hawkins, K. et al. Care Coordination: Empowering Families, a Promising Practice to Facilitate Medical Home Use Among Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs, Matern Child Health J (2018).