Michigan Family-to-Family Health Information Center is a project of the Michigan Public Health Institute, a non-profit based near Lansing.  All MI F2F HIC staff work at MPHI and contribute to multiple projects that often inform our work on MI F2F HIC.

Family & Community Outreach Staff

Kristen Reese, Project Director

Kristen is the parent of a young adult with special health care needs and a Parent Coordinator at MPHI’s Center for Health Equity Practice. She serves as lead on family and community outreach activities for MI F2F HIC, and attends national, regional and state meetings to represent MI F2F HIC and the parent voice. Kristen is an experienced facilitator and public speaker and has long-established relationships with key community partners, such as the Title V CSHCS program.

Tasha Kelley-Stiles, Parent Coordinator

Tasha is the parent of a young child with autism and a Research Associate at MPHI’s Center for Healthy Communities. She provides outreach to families by utilizing established contacts within the CYSHCN community. Tasha is dedicated to educating families and sharing her experience as the parent of a child with special health care needs as a training facilitator and presenter.

Design, Evaluation, & Data Staff

Jerri DaSha Stockton, Senior Research & Evaluation Specialist

DaSha assists with evaluation and data collection, management, and analysis activities and is an Evaluation Specialist at MPHI’s Center for Health Equity Practice. She also assists with evaluation methodology and data entry and analysis, as well as implementation and coordination of social media, including ongoing monitoring of all social media platforms and website metrics.