Discovering Hidden Talents

My daughter Sarah is a 16 year old who I have raised since birth. Like many teenagers, she is a bit brooding and likes to keep to herself. Needless to say she is usually a bit of an introvert. She would rather sit in a corner with her art books drawing than be at some big party. Her idea of a really big outing would be to be turned loose in a Barnes and Nobles or a library. I don’t get it. I am the total opposite.

So, when my other kids came home and asked to be part of a Young Americans week- long performing arts camp that ended with performances at a packed auditorium, I didn’t think there was any way I could convince Sarah to go along with them. I was wrong. With very little coercing, she agreed to participate. As a dad, I was so proud of her willingness to get out of her comfort zone and give it a try.

For a week she learned songs and dance steps. She made friends and worked hard to prepare for the three Saturday performances. I got there early and got seats in the front row. Watching quiet, shy, Sarah come out and perform with all the others kids really made my father’s heart soar.

The biggest surprise was seeing Sarah perform in an acting solo. It was a fun little routine where she came up front and pretended to be playing the flute in a band. I was so proud watching her grow and stretch herself to the limits. I laughed and cheered and learned to never count her out without letting her give something new a try. Sarah’s hidden talents and abilities just may surprise me, and her!

~Submitted by Randy Hitts