God’s Story by Debra Bosch

About 21 years ago, our lives took an amazing turn. Our family was doing our family thing and life was clicking along. On October 14, 1995 we were blessed with our fourth child. However, something major was not right. Tim was born with 12 fractured bones and he had another 12 bones that had fractured while in the womb. Those fractures were partially healed. We quickly got the diagnosis on Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or brittle bones.

Unexpected turns in life are hard. And, as most of you readers can related to, you have to navigate this strange journey with a husband and other children too!!! It was like we, as a family, got shoved off the main highway. We had no map. We didn’t even know really where to go. We could see our friends and family on the main highway but we could no longer get on that road. It was hard!

Tim was given a prognosis of about a year. He was fracturing bones every couple of weeks. We very quickly learned to carry Tim on a pillow. Just our finger pressure could break his bones. He would get toes caught in pajamas and breaks legs. He would cough and break ribs. He would roll on his side and break arms. It was like having an amazing crystal pitcher that you wanted to put on the highest shelf in the dining room but you couldn’t. You had to use the pitcher every day for Kool Aid!!!

Life was a challenge. Even though I was a nurse and had lots of friends in the medical field it was hard learning how to navigate the medical system, pay bills, and keep working so I could have medical insurance. We needed special assistance for Tim to attend school. We needed help to get him to and from school. We needed help to keep Tim on top of his classes when so much was missed with so many fractures. We needed special clothes to fit around all the different casts.

Today. God is good! He always is! Tim has had over 500 fractures and 50 major surgeries. He is an amazing young man! He is currently a junior at Calvin in the engineering program. One smart kid! “My disease is not a disability but an ability that God has used over the course of my life to bless many people and bring glory to God.” Tim has been the speaker at schools, colleges, and businesses over the years. Don’t get me wrong. Life is still a challenge. But we live life on our knees! My kids are now getting married so we have three new kids. My daughters are both nurses. My son helps mentor special needs kids. Tim keeps advocating for people who are physically challenged.

Life. We have no control over most circumstances that come into our lives. But, we do have control over how we react. We can chose to become bitter and mad. Or we can chose to stand up to the challenge. Become better people. Learn from what God has placed in our paths. We are so blessed! We have so much to be thankful for!! I would love for my son to never have pain again. I would love for him to be able to run and jump like his friends. But, we would not be the people we are today if we had stayed on that main highway. Hopefully, we are better people for the journey. Oh, and did I say we are so thankful!!!!

Submitted by Debra Bosch

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