Life Changing by Kelly Rogers

Do you remember the day your life changed? What we thought were struggles seem like NOTHING compared to that dreaded day we heard the words “Brain Tumor”.

2014 started as a normal new year. Kerrie started having dizzy spells and headaches. I took her to the doctor. She was diagnosed with Vertigo. We were sent home with instructions to do exercises. Next came the upset stomach and vomiting in the morning. Again we went to the doctor. We were told this is normal for a teenager going through puberty. Really? I’m one of 7 girls and not one of us ever had these symptoms.

Finally the final straw was pulled when she woke up and had triangles in her eyes and her vision blocked. we went straight to the eye doctor. After examining her eyes were told to go straight to the hospital for a MRI. I was expecting the usual saying “We’ll call you in a couple of days with the results”. Instead we got “The neuro surgeon will be down to see you”. Puzzled, worried, and scared of what he would have to say, we waited.

We were then told there is a brain tumor in the Cerebellum of her brain and were asked would you like to go to Motts Childrens Hospital in Ann Arbor or Wisconsin. We chose Ann Arbor. Kerrie had brain surgery two days after we got there. Everything seemed fine for the next days. Then to our surprise, she developed Cerebellar Mutism. She lost the ability to do anything. She could no longer speak, eat, go to the bathroom, sit, walk, hold her head up, or use her hands.

After 107 days in the hospital and many many hours of therapies we got to come home and adjust to our “new” life. So here we are 3 1/2 years later, still adjusting to the changes daily. Depression, struggle, and moments of hope and happiness. I thank God Kerrie is who she is. She gives us strength and shows us how determination helps to make things better. She can now talk, eat on her own, sit, take showers independently and is getting better daily. If only the brain would “click” to be able to walk again without the use of a walker. Still praying and working hard. Just wanted to share we are not alone in our struggle