Miss a Thing

Someone said to me one day
“I don’t know how you do it
I don’t think I’d be capable
Not sure I could get through it.

And some days I’m exhausted
(I’m being honest here)
At times my motivation
Is overwhelmed by fear.

Having a child with special needs
Is a rare gift in so many ways
But I am only human
Sometimes I have bad days.

And then you take my hand in yours
In a moment of pure clarity
You say, “Hey guess what mama?”
Your beautiful to me.

And in a flash, the moment is gone
And your singing your own little song
Then I realize life’s all about “moments”
And I realize that you’ve made me strong.

And you defy convention
And you live life out loud
And you have overcome so much
And you make me so proud.

I can’t picture a different life
Without these hopes and fears
Without all the uncertainty,
The questions, joys, and tears.

It’s not the life I planned for
Sometimes I feel it’s sting
But one thing remains constant
I wouldn’t miss a thing.

What a sad thing it would be,
If there had been no “You”
If I had missed your smiling eyes
And all the things you do.

And doubt is our companion
What will the future bring?
But if I had the choice, I know
I wouldn’t miss a thing.

Though you have been given
A “special needs” label
I still see a child who…
Is loving, kind, and able.

Life has had it’s battles
But please remember this,
Tomorrow is a precious gift
I’d never want to miss.

And you surprise me everyday
By what you do to reach me
And I am constantly amazed
By all the ways you teach me.

As every long cold winter
Will melt into a spring
I cherish every moment
I wouldn’t miss a thing.