Muscular Dystrophy

When my son was three months old I noticed he wasn’t like my first two children. My pregnancy with him was also complicated compared to his siblings. He wasn’t reaching milestones and wasn’t making any effort to move physically. I took him in for his three month well baby visit and his doctor noticed the same things I noticed. He then referred me to see a neurologist. After months of appointments seeing specialist and enrolling in early intervention, I felt like my child and I are the only ones in this battle. Doing my own research of his symptoms and results coming back as negative, I thought then this could be nothing’s no he’s just delayed. Eighteen months later a DNA blood these showed he had muscular dystrophy. I knew little about the disease and knew no one with the condition. He is now 4 years old and has made some gains. I pray everyday that a treatment or cure is found soon.