My Warrior Prince by Monique Randolph

I remember looking forward to your arrival in this world with such excitement and some anxiety. Never did I imagine I’d ever hear from the mouths of doctors that “your son doesn’t have a normal life expectancy.”

Michael, I remember praying to God to heal you my son. Because every time I heard you cry, and with each diagnosis, it made me question the purpose of my existence. I recall being anguished to my soul. Because, I couldn’t discern if you were crying out of pain & discomfort, or pleading with God to take you back home.

All the moments when you were inconsolable and seemingly a seasoned insomniac. Hoping, praying as I watch you struggling, that each breath wouldn’t be your last. Life has not afforded me the opportunities of seeing you take your first step, or hearing you call me “mama”. Serving you and walking with you through this life has been nothing less than a true privilege and a great honor.

Michael, my “warrior prince” through all of your pain and suffering, you always remained joyful, relentless and a true definition of tenacity. Aside from your big beautiful glistening brown eyes and enviable eyelashes, and your heart-warming smile, your life is a ministry. Through every setback, loss of faith, and flood of tears. I am so thankful to God that you’re still here.

Although the war, for most of us, pertaining to justice, adequate support, resources, community faith, family, and everything that would ensure a great quality of life for our special loves rages on. There is no doubt in my mind that like so many triumphant warriors whether in this life, or the next, that you will emerge and be remembered as nothing less than victorious.

For anyone who says you’re lucky to have me as your mom, I’d strongly disagree and tell them why they’re wrong. I’m blessed and fortunate to have you as my son, because through it all you’ve been the one that never loss hope, determination, faith, joy or love, you’ve been the one who’s truly always been strong. You are a conduit of pure love, kindness and wisdom, reminding me that God always gives us His best. For you, my dear Michael, are one of life’s Purposed Expressions!!!