Carson’s Ride

This story involves our son, Carson, who is almost 14-years old and was diagnosed with Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome at birth. He has multiple physical and developmental delays, but he is also one of the happiest, cheeriest, friendliest kids you will ever meet. Carson is a very social little boy and has a way of bringing people together in the most unexpected ways.

Carson has loved motorcycles for several years. We have entertained this passion by taking him to motorcycle shows, following motorcycles for long distances just because, buying motorcycle books and toys, and watching videos of people riding motorcycles. The one thing that we wished for, but seemed unattainable, was to get him a ride in a motorcycle sidecar. This was something we discussed for years but we knew no one who had the means of making this happen.

In August, 2018, an acquaintance, Bill, who had met Carson and knew of his love for motorcycles (and was a Harley owner himself), mentioned that he had a friend with a sidecar and he would organize a ride for him. By a miracle of miracles, Carson was able to get his sidecar ride! It was a short ride through town and lasted about 15 minutes. There was an instant connection between Dan, the bike owner, and Carson, and he offered to take him on another ride that would last longer.

Bill and Dan had an idea of making this a true event in Carson’s honor, and with the help of social media and some very generous, compassionate people, we were able to bring together nearly 40 motorcycles and a police escort for the ride of Carson’s life.

On the morning of October 7, we all met in the parking lot of the Harley Davidson dealership in Tecumseh and Carson was able to walk around and meet the bikers and admire all of the beautiful motorcycles! He was given a goodie bag with lots of Harley swag (including many patches) and had his picture taken with his new friends.

When everyone was ready, the police escort led the way from Tecumseh to Dundee (nearly a 30-minute ride), where we all ended at an ice cream shop that opened just for this occasion. It was a day to remember and we are planning to make this an annual ride. Our hope is to somehow tie this in with fundraising to raise money for research.

These biker men and women have hearts of gold and exhibit pure love and compassion for Carson and our family. We never expected so much to come out of a sidecar ride. But, again, Carson has shown us in his own, unique way how easy it is to bring people together and form bonds of friendship that are sure to last for many years to come.