Little Did I Know by Alicia Genia

Just like you I waited all my life for the bundle of joy to change my life for the better. Despite being older 35 years young having my daughter Nangonhs, I knew there may be different risks. Living with my own disabilities, I knew I would be able to learn how to cope, manage, and learn new ways to help each other. So many times raising a special needs child we create our own self-doubt and turmoil, but everyone knows, and then we get a blink of hour our life and the life of our precious child we are making a blueprint for their future, this is one of them.

People in the News

My mom name is Alicia, She has big hair. Her Like Salads, all kinds.

My mom is the great its because she make my wild rice soup with onions and carrots, yum.

My mom doesn’t care if she gets sticks or leaves in her hair, and she lets me dance in the rain.

She doesn’t care if I get dirty or leaves in my hair, she is the greatest ’cause she lets me be me

My mom is the best mom ’cause she is like me.

by NanGonhs Jessica Morgan