Life With Apraxia by Kristi Meyers

Life with a child who has apraxia is challenging. Challenging for the child, the parents, the siblings, and anyone who comes in contact with this child daily. My son, Brayden, is 7 now, but was diagnosed early on with severe apraxia as well as PTen, a rare genetic disorder that effects about 1 in a million, and autism.

We struggle every day to communicate with our own child and that is heartbreaking at times. It’s even harder to see other kids not being able to communicate effectively with him. Fortunately, we are able to provide therapy not only at school but also outside of school and Brayden is able to talk in small sentences.

He is not functioning at a 2nd grade level but we are thrilled with his progress because there were days when he was 2,3 and even 4 that I wasn’t sure he would even be able to clearly speak to us. My advice to parents of a child with apraxia is to have patience and maintain consistency with therapy as much as possible.

Submitted by Kristi Meyers

kristi meyers