My life is the way it is, sometime I get low sometimes I get high, but in the mean time I like to stay fly. When depression hits hard, sometimes I want to die, but I wake up knowing there’s more to life then to just feeling sorry for myself.

I am here because I am important like you and me. We are here for a reason, to give others’ lives a purpose. I am strong, you are strong and together we all one called human. So remember it’s all in are heads, depressions is not our souls it’s in our heads to make us feel a certain way.

Remember that someone out here love you, someone like you, you are one of a kind no one else is like you, and you are special in God’s eye. We all are not perfect, it’s ok, and sometimes if you make a mistake just get up and laugh about it and try again. Sometimes it takes 100 times to get it right but when you get it, you got it, so did I.

Make this world your all, be the best you can be, and remember you are the one. Be proud of who you are, this world is for you, and be different because that’s who you are. There is a million people on earth, stand out so you can shine through. You are unique, be beautiful, be smart, be powerful, that’s who you are. I know reading this you are going to feel great, because you are a superstar.