Pinning Down Autism Wrestling Meet – Ottawa County

6:00 – 8:30 pm

Allendale Middle School Pinning Down Autism Wrestling Meet

The Spring Lake Youth Wrestling and Allendale Youth Wrestling Teams will be hosting an Autism Awareness Wrestling Meet. Hundreds of young boys and girls have learned about wrestling and many have excelled in competition. The nature of this sport affords our young athletes opportunities to build on character, adversity, and empathy. The goal of this special wrestling meet is to raise awareness for Autism and the importance of all sports to remain open and compassionate to every athlete. The Spring Lake and Allendale Team have wrestlers on the Autism Spectrum.  Coach Garth Trask states “Having these boys on our team is a blessing! We all get to see first-hand what strength, commitment, and adversity look like on a much higher level.”  Spring Lake and Allendale Wrestling strive to be “a place where everyone fits”.

Event admission $3.00/$10 per family.  Concessions are available at this event.      Allendale Middle School 7161 Pleasant View Ct, Allendale


Wings of Mercy of West Michigan

Wings of Mercy is a volunteer pilot organization that assists patients in need of transportation to distant medical facilities.

Lights Up Sound Down-Sensory Friendly Movies at Goodrich Quality Theaters

A monthly program, hosted by Goodrich Quality Theaters, open to everyone, but specifically giving families & children with Autism and sensory issues the opportunity to enjoy their favorite movies in a comfortable, sensory - friendly setting with the lights turned up and volume turned down in the auditorium.

Free Health Clinics of Michigan

Free Clinics of Michigan (FCOM) is a network of volunteer-staffed free clinics that provide health care services to the uninsured or medically underserved within the State of Michigan.

Intercare Community Health Network

Since 1972 InterCare has been providing quality medical and dental care to patients who otherwise might not have a place to go. Focusing on the medically underserved, including our area's migrant population, InterCare provides affordable, accessible care. No matter who you are, where you live, what you earn, or if you have insurance or not, InterCare welcomes you.

1Plus1 Therapy, LLC

1Plus1 Therapy is a family owned and operated pediatric physical therapy clinic located in Zeeland, Michigan. Specializing in helping children of all ages successfully negotiate the daily struggles associated with cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other challenges.

Compassionate Heart Ministry

Compassionate Heart Ministry is a safe, Christ centered drop in center for young people and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities. We offer a place where friendships and relationships can develop through our mentor based program. Whether it is shooting pool, playing video games, watching movies or just hanging out with new friends and old friends, Compassionate Heart is that place where everyone will feel loved, accepted, and included.