Free Health Clinics of Michigan

Free Clinics of Michigan (FCOM) is a network of volunteer-staffed free clinics that provide health care services to the uninsured or medically underserved within the State of Michigan.

Disability Network Southwest Michigan

Disability Network Southwest Michigan provides advocacy, education, peer support, information and referral, transition and independent living services to individuals with disabilities. Offices in Kalamazoo and St. Joseph.

Serious Emotional Disturbances Waiver (SEDW)

The Children's Serious Emotional Disturbances Waiver (SEDW) provides services that are enhancements or additions to Medicaid State Plan coverage for children through age 20 with SED. The SEDW is a fee-for-service program administered by the Community Mental Health Services Programs (CMHSP) in some Michigan counties. All eligibility requirements and coverage areas are listed on the site.

Advocacy Services for Kids

Advocacy Services for Kids (ASK) assists families and their children who have mood, emotional, and behavioral challenges to understand and navigate services, advocate effectively, and achieve their potential. ASK offers opportunities for youth with emotional, behavioral, and mood disorders to be empowered to impact youth services locally, within the state of Michigan, and nationally through it's Calling All Youth M.O.V.E. program. This service is available to high school aged youth in Kalamazoo County who want to speak up and be heard by adults, teachers, govenmental agencies, therapists, counselors, juvenille justice, schools, and other authority figures in their life.

Autism Agricultural Community Option for Residential Need

The mission of the Autism Agricultural Community Option for Residential Need (AACORN) Farm is to provide life enrichment opportunities and residential options for adults with developmental disabilities in a supportive inclusive community. Their core values are (1) Promoting dignity and meaning in the lives of adults with developmental disabilities; (2) Cultivating a climate of mutual respect and understanding; (3) Encouraging fulfilling activities while building new skills; (4) Providing choices for those who receive few; (5) Supporting the development of peer relationships; (6) Making positive contributions to the community; and (7) Respecting the environment.

Kalamazoo Speech Associates

Kalamazoo Speech Associates was established by Dawn Chamberlain and Jennifer Crouse in 2001. They began their practice fueled by a passion to help people improve their speech and language skills. Along the way, they broadened their scope of practice in the area of orofacial myofunctional disorders to better serve their clients' needs. They are committed to helping children and adults reach their full potential.

Lighthouse Autism Center

We have made it our mission to bring quality ABA therapy where it is needed. Lighthouse Autism Center makes every effort to help families of children with autism through the use of Verbal Behavior ABA Therapy. Our facility is parent focused and operate by parents of children with autism who understand the daily challenges that families when raising a child with autism. We believe in hope for every child and every family.